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How to Rewrite Your Fatherhood Story to Get More Time for Yourself, Connection with Your Kids, and Intimacy with Your Partner


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  • 3. Tools that have been proven to work to help you improve intimacy with your partner
  • 4. A specific list of things you can do everyday to leverage the age-old wisdom of Masculine Archetypes that can fuel a fulfilling life
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  • You DON’T have a system in place to ensure you have quality time with your kids, your partner, AND yourself (every single day)
  • You show up feeling guilty or less present than you want to be for your family
  • You want to live up to your FULL potential in your household, your profession, and your life.
  • You’ve been trying to reconnect with your Partner for months (if not years!) after the baby, but haven’t gained any serious traction
  • You’re feeling STUCK in your life
  • You want to feel more authentic, energetic, and empowered like you used to feel

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When I became a dad, everything changed. Most things felt GOOD, but many things felt hard.

All of a sudden, things were different.

The pressure was on.

I couldn’t take time for myself without judging myself. Quality time with my wife was nonexistent. Time with my kiddo felt confusing.

So much time was spent worrying about doing the RIGHT thing, I couldn’t ENJOY any of the things I was doing nearly as much as I wanted to. I kept wondering:

“Am I doing this right?”

It was unpleasant, and I felt so stuck. I felt that eventually things would change. They had to.

What I saw around me were other dads who finally hit the big bump that broke them. In the US, 50% of marriages end in divorce after a child is born. There’s something connected here and I had to learn more.

While chasing the “Hallmark” stories society tells us about fatherhood, men put themselves at risk of losing everything else, including themselves and the partner they fell in love with.

I didn’t want to be that guy, so I began to reach out to find more answers…

By navigating all the stuff available online (98% of which is crap!) and through hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations with coaches, mentors, other dads, other moms, and whoever would hear my story, I eventually found a new story.


Finally, I was able to unlearn all the shit I had been told about being a dad and rewrite my Fatherhood Story to let ALL of me thrive. And then…?

My relationship thrived.
My kids thrived.
My business thrived.
My creativity thrived.

And rewriting my Fatherhood Story is what has led me to become the great dad that I set out to be – one my partner is proud of and one that my kids and community deserve to experience.

And I can’t wait to share some of my TOP tools, tips, and strategies with you!